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Minimum Order

If you are placing your first order, we require minimum $100.00 order. We have no minimum on quantity, just order what you need.

We have no minimum on reorder. Please remember to type your customer account code in the field "Your note to us". You can find your customer account code in the invoice just above your company name.
If you have special discount rate arrangement, we will keep the same discount for your order.

Billing and shipping information

If you are not sure what is your account code, just type "old customer"  in the field.

If you pay your bill by credit card and we have your credit card on file, just check the option "call me" and type "customer account code or Old customer" in the field "your note to us".

If you already obtain a credit term from us, just check the option "send a cheque" and type "customer account code  or old customer " in the field "Your note to us"

Check Out

You have to fill in every field with full details of your billing address, phone #, and e-mail address before you can submit the order. 
If you order more than 15 items, it may take 3-4 minute to calculate the purchase total.(depends on the speed of your internet service)  Please wait for the purchase total amount show up and then continue to check out. Thanks for your patient

Little Tips

We have a feature that you can save your order in your computer, so if you cannot complete your order at once, you can save the order and finish it 2 or 3 days later.


Freight to be paid by buyer. Merchandise normally shipped by Fedex Ground, UPS or post office which ever cheaper.

If you have problem in placing order, you can also place order in

  Omnia Erimus $ 379.00   $ 379.00 Delete
  Omnia Erimus 1   
  + Extra Option $ 0.00  
  Omnia Erimus $ 379.00   $ 389.95 Delete
  Omnia Erimus 1  
  + Extra Option $ 0.00  
: $ 768.95  
: $ 730.50  
: $ 5.00  
: $ 735.50